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Slaying Work Fashion

Slaying Work Fashion

Do you ever get stuck on a creativity rut when it comes to feminine outfits that are work appropriate and still reflect your true romantic style? That can be a struggle in times like this, when all you see around are blazers and oversized pants – nothing wrong with that; but what about those days you don’t feel like wearing a suit; or a suit is a little too formal for your workplace? What if oversized pants do nothing for your figure?

I got you! For my girly Boss Babes out there, I put together a collection of professional & flirty outfits that are perfect for a semi-formal and/or casual work environment, making it super easy to look fabulous and smart!


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To help you get started, here are 5 looks to inspire you for a fashionable work week!


1. Monday

Nothing better than a B&W outfit to start off the week with an assertive message, am I right? The romantic twist here is due to the delicate lace detail button-down shirt – a must have in every woman’s wardrobe! The faux-leather skirt gives the whole look an edgy feel, making this ensemble even more interesting. This gorgeous outfit is available in Curvy.

Shop Lace Shirt

Shop Faux-Leather Skirt

Curvy Collection


2. Tuesday

Show your peers that you are in tune with the latest fashion while remaining professional! The simple silhouette of this sheath dress off sets the hot, barbie core color, making it perfect for the office.

Hot pink sheath dress

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3. Wednesday

Get through hump day with this easy to style faux shirt dress! Comfortable and put together, this dress is super easy to style; it can be dressed up with heels or, down wear with cute tennis shoes for the ultimate relaxed vibe.

Steel Blue Shirt Dress

Shop the Look


4. Thursday

With the weekend approaching, the mood is feeling brighter again! If you are feeling a little extra, go for this colorful, over the top feminine, yet businesslike, attire.

Aqua button-down shirt with orange floral print and ruffles/ Orange skirt

Shop Ruffled Shirt

Shop Orange Skirt


5. Friday

You’ve made it to the end of the week! Adept of a casual Friday? Look no further than this super cute, embroidered denim dress to transition smoothly from work to play.

Shop Denim Dress


Want even more great ideas?

Clik here and check out our latest TikTok for inspiration!


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