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The Rise of Modest Fashion

The Rise of Modest Fashion
Strength and honor are her clothing; She shall rejoice in time to come.
Proverbs 31:25


Modest Fashion is more popular than ever – thanks in great part to young UK royal family members like Kate Middleton and Megan Markel; and Instagram –  the fashion industry took notice of this demand for more conservative clothing. The result was a modernization of Modest Fashion. Now, major fashion houses dedicate part of their collections to the demure fashion market.

 But what is Modest Fashion?

There is no clear definition to what Modest Fashion is. A general concept is that it consists of less revealing clothing, and because a large portion of its adepts seek this style to conform to their religious doctrines; it varies depending on a person’s faith.

There is an old idea that modest wear is frumpy, shapeless, baggy, outdated, sad and stuck in the 1700’s. Modern Modest style does not try to hide the female form, nor does it ignore fashion trends; it translates the latest trends in a way that is appropriate to the end user. Due to this contemporary, high street approach; Demure Fashion attracts more than just the fully committed girls, but all women can benefit from it.



Modest Fashion in Brazil

Modest Fashion in Brazil is made for the Christian community and it has been well stablished market for over 30 years. Following the same pattern as the rest of the world, the style became more popular in the last decade with the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube that in turn brought to fame Christian bloggers like Paola Santa and Renata Castanheira. Brazil has also seen a boom in brands specialized in this segment with a wide variety of options from premium to fast fashion.


                                     Paola Santana                                       Renata Castanheira


Why you should choose Modest Fashion

The way you dress sends a message about you. Of course, depending on the setting you are, you want to send different messages and will dress appropriately. No matter the occasion, there is always a gorgeous modest outfit option that will be just as fun, trendy and elegant as any other – and in my opinion they will be much better as there’s no struggle to keep clothes from moving around!

But, if you are still not convinced that modest style is 100% for you, Demure by Laura is your go to for casual/casual chic events where you might consider a little bit more conservative dressing – casual weddings (guest), school meetings, work parties, brunch, church services, leisure afternoons. Professional girls who are looking for informal or semi-formal outfits such as teachers and school staffing, realtors, interior designers, casual office environment, bank workers, creative and beauty professionals, etc; we carry many gorgeous business casual options as well.

Modest Fashion at Demure by Laura 

As you may know by now, at Demure by Laura we carry the best brands of Brazilian Christian Fashion: Fascinius, Kauly, Joyaly and our newest addition coming on May 21st Gioconda Portto. 👗💕😊 Our clothing is modern, flattering, elegant, trendy and classic at the same time. When you wear our pieces, the focus won’t be “She is dressing modestly” but instead “She looks so good”. And that is exactly our goal; to make it easy for you to find modest clothing whether it be for work or play that empowers you and that serves as an elegant frame to let your own beauty shine. You don’t have to compromise style to dress modestly; you can still be a fashionista without a mini skirt or a deep cleavage. At Demure by Laura, you can have it all!


The best part is that you can shop stunning styles that rivals those of top high fashion houses without breaking the bank! It’s a win win. 😊 💖💖💖

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Laura Doval Painter



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